Apply and Pay $50 application fee – Terlingua

Apply and Pay $50 application fee



This ‘product’ is the APPLICATION FEE for the Confederate States of Terlingua’s ‘Normal’ passport.

Passports through our site/store are NEVER SOLD, you are paying for the application only.

If and when your application is successful, the passport(s) will be ISSUED to you.

The processing time of an application may vary upon many different reasons. The general turn-around time for a Terlinguan passport application is anywhere from a few days, up to 90-days.

NB! As with the passports of nearly any state/country, the passports always remains the property of the issuer, and may be withdrawn at any time.

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Black Lives Matter
The Government of Terlingua fully supports the BLM cause, despite rumors to the opposite.
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