5000 Terlingua Coin’s [CSTD] – Terlingua

5000 Terlingua Coin’s [CSTD]


These Terlingua Cryptocurrencies will be sent to your ERC-20 compatible Wallet. The coins are based on the technology that is run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Please mention your exact Wallet address when checking out.

If you don’t have a ERC-20 compatible Wallet, we can advise you on how to get one – free of charge.

NB! By buying our Terlinguan CSTD coins/tokens, you are supporting our State. You might consider them as a novelty e-State Bond. There is no interest paid on purchasing/owning the CSTD coins/tokens, but you may buy/sell your CSTD coins/tokens to others, whom have an ERC-20 compatible wallet. A buyer does not have to be a citizen of Terlingua, as anyone on the ERC-20 based blockchain may purchase the coins/tokens.


Please note that the coins/tokens are not physical items.

‘CSTD’ is the coins shortened name for the Ethereum blockchain. It’s simple name is Terlingua Coin. The ‘CSTD’ simply stands for ‘Confederate State of Terlingua Dollar’.

You may find the coin/token for example on the Ethereum blockchain Mainnet.

Black Lives Matter
The Government of Terlingua fully supports the BLM cause, despite rumors to the opposite.
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