Our Ministries

Governmental Cabinet

-Prime Minister: Rt.Hon. Mr. Ryan

-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Rt.Hon. Ms. van den Haas

-Minister of Finance: Rt.Hon. Mr. Mahato

Deputy Minister of Finance: Mr. T. Stewart

-Minister of Security: Rt.Hon. Ms. Shahi

-Ministry of Immigration: Rt.Hon. Ms. Vlasychenko

-Head of the Identity and Passport Service: Mr. Kupriushin

Members of Parliament

The State will at this time also invite new citizens to take part in the government, as members of parliament. There shall be no more than 31 members of Parliament.

Any citizen that holds no criminal record may run for office to the Parliament. Participants to running for Office do not have to be a part of a political party Forming, and, or Joining a political party is free.

The fee for forming a political party may also form carries a nominal fee of 35 Texan Dollars (~USD), which must be paid at the time of the formation. A political party must have at least two members.

The age requirements for running in elections, or voting in elections is 16 years of age – or if the person turns 16 years of age at the same year when the elections are in effect.

The Constitution

The Constitution, holds the same texts as the original Contitution of the United States, created in September, 1787.

Head of State

The Head of State for the Confederacy of Terlingua in Texas is the Primeminister, whom the Citizens elect by voting every four (4) years.

Black Lives Matter
The Government of Terlingua fully supports the BLM cause, despite rumors to the opposite.
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