The History briefly

the Principality of Nouveau-Texas was founded in May, in the year 2007. 

the Principality had under it’s rule and ownership real estate land, approximately 15 acres of land. These were the main land areas in Terlingua – Texas.

In addition to the 15 acres, the Principality also has smaller parcels of real estate land around Texas, which were considered to be the Principality’s colonies. Each colony had it’s own Lord-Governor who represented and administrated over the colony. 

As the Principality is young, much of it’s history cannot at this time be explained in more detail. The Principality declared a unilateral declaration of Independence in January 2013. That first declaration was immediately recognized by the DMPP of Albania.

Presently, the Confederate State of Terlingua – Texas, including its colonies inside the State Texas, and those outside of Texas comprise a land area of just over 124 acres, making it the second smallest country in the World,  right after the Holy See / the Vatican City State.

The Flag and Religion

The Principality of Nouveau-Texas was a constitutional monarchy, and had decreed that the official national flag of the Principality was the Flag of the State of Texas. The Catholic religion was the State religion, but the Principality supported freedom of religion, and did not discriminate against any other recognised religion. Besides of recognised religions, the Principality respected the rights of all it’s citizens to believe in whatever they may have wanted to believe in, as long as their beliefs were in accordance with the Law. The Principality also fully respected any individuals sexual orientation, and any marriage that had been made legal in another state, was to be considered as legal in the Principality. 

The current flag is the Confederate version of the State flag of Texas. Terlingua has no official state religion, but most of it’s citizens see themselves as belonging to Dudeism. The current laws separates religion and state. All recognised religions are respected, with the exception of Scientology.


The Principality’s currency had been decreed to be the ‘Texan Dollar’, which was equivalent to current USD currency in value. The Principality had it’s own minted coins for it’s currency. The main currency institution for the Principality was  it’s own Royal Bank of Nouveau-Texas. The Principality’s money was only in minted coins – not in paper bills to avoid any sort of counterfeit currency. The citizens of the Principality were able to open bank accounts, with on-line banking and a debit card services. The current currency is the decentralized and safe: Terlingua Coin, which is a cryptocurrency.

National holidays

1st of January – National Holiday – New Year’s Day (Capodanno)

6th of January – National Holiday – Epiphany (Epifania)

8th of April – National Holiday in celebration of Easter (Pasqua)

9th of April – National Holiday in celebration of Second Day of Easter (Lunedì dell’Angelo, Pasquetta)

16th of April – National Holiday in celebration of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s Birthday

24th of June – The National Holiday in honor of the death of Duke Harry.

12th of August – National Day in honor of Lady Ellen’s Birthday

15th of August – National Holiday – Assumption of Mary (Ferragosto)

25th of September – National Day in honor of the Marquis Roger’s birhday

17th of October – National Day in honor of the Duchess Wictoria’s birthday

1st of November – National Day – All Saints Day (Ogni Santi)

6th of December – Independence Day

8th of December – National Day in celebration of the Immaculate Conception (Immacolata Concezione)

17th of December – National Day in celebration of His Holiness’ Pope Francis’ Birthday

24th and 26th of December – National Holiday in honor of Christmas

31st of December – National Holiday in honor of the New Year’s Eve

Also, every Sunday is a National Holiday

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